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Exclusive Limited Space Offer

16 Plot Family Burial Space

FSK Project 2020


Landscape Labor – Foundations for all granite pieces (Monument, Benches and Urn Vases). Laying out landscape mulch and rock beds, plus the hardscaping for the Urn Vase’s pedestal.

Special Care of Lot – Special Care will take care of the grass seasonally (Weed and feed, seeding, aerating the ground in the fall to condition ground). Cleaning Monument, Benches and Urn Vase if needed or requested.

Endowment for Flowers – Flowers would always be placed at this location forever. The flowers will be maintained from spring to fall (Watering, weeding and replacing).

Lot Sale of Estate – There are a total of 16 grave sites on this estate. The estate comes with Perpetual Care, meaning that the grass will always be mowed year round forever.

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Contact Rick Reeder here directly for more information

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