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Mausoleums offer an enduring peace of mind, preserving the memory, sanctity, and integrity of your loved ones. A mausoleum crypt is above ground and offers secure protection. It remains clean and completely dry in a controlled environment that allows visitation in a climate controlled atmosphere. A community mausoleum entombs large numbers of people. You choose a crypt space at a desired location and level. Opportunities exist for crypt spaces accessed from inside only or located on the structure's exterior. Likewise, there are single or companion crypts, which can accommodate two individuals.
Memorializing a community mausoleum crypt involves your choice of a "crypt plate," a flat marker made of various bronze and granite materials, installed on the front face of the crypt. This can be inscribed with specific personal information (similar to what would be found on a grave memorial/monument).


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Mausoleum Niches


Many people opt for cremation either as a personal preference or economic reasons. Families decide to honor the deceased in various ways. Some spread ashes over a favorite place, while others perform a traditional burial within a cemetery. Some folks store their "dearly departed" in a beautiful urn on the mantle, and others have them tucked away in a box in a bedroom closet. Mourning is for those left behind, and we each have our own desires toward closure and remembrance.

Families wanting an entombment place away from home and above ground, now have choices in memorial options that allow for an accessible space to hold the cremated remains ("cremains" of loved ones.  A traditional memorial space can have a marble or granite face, be inside or out and tastefully marked by a custom bronze plaque.  

​Another option is a glass front niche which allows an urn to be seen at all time and affords the opportunity for personalization through adornment and "window dressing." This resembles a "shadowbox" as families decorate the space with photographs, letters, flowers and momentos ranging from jewelry to novelty items that define the deceased. Glass fronts also can be etched with a specific design as well.


*A permanent place of memorial for years to come

*Above ground access to the cremains should you change your mind in the future, or desire to mix a couples ashes into one urn later when a spouse or partner passes away

*A safe-haven for cremains in case of an unfortunate home accident such as an urn getting knocked over by a cat, destroyed in a fire/natural disaster or simply lost

*The opportunity to creatively personalize and decorate a niche in the fashion that glass-face spaces allow

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Approximate starting "Total Price" Estimates

Individual (with both dates inscribed)

Outside (Granite face) Niche/Main Building                             $3,772.00

Interior (Marble face) Niche/Main Building                              $4,272.00

Interior Glass Front Niche/Main Building                                   $4,772.00

Interior (Marble face) Niche/Monocacy-Potomac Bldgs          $5,272.00

Couple/Two-People (one date complete with one future death date and second opening/closing)

Outside (Granite face) Niche/Main Building                             $5,090.00

Interior (Marble face) Niche/Main Building                               $5,590.00

   Interior Glass Front Niche/Main Building                                  $6,090.00

Interior (Marble face) Niche/Monocacy-Potomac Bldgs          $6,702.00

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