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Friends of Mount Olivet


"Friends of Mt Olivet"

​Mount Olivet is many things, but foremost it is a cultural landscape—the fusion between  nature and humankind.  The “Friends of Mount Olivet” group will help administer the mission of our 501 (c) (3) non-profit Preservation and Enhancement Fund  which was created in 2017 with a mission of preserving our historic cemetery records, physical structures such as buildings and most important, the thousands of gravestones and monuments that populate our grounds.

Our hope is to educate visitors and local residents alike of the fascinating background of our cemetery, and those who reside in it. The “Friends” group and related activities are designed to generate awareness, enthusiasm and fundraising opportunities through engaging and entertaining educational programs, special events and anniversary commemorations. Stewardship for the future of this hallowed ground is paramount, as we will continue to raise funds for signature reparation projects and increase our documented record through additional historical and genealogical research and documentation.


In 1910, author T.J.C. Williams began the preface for his masterful work The History of Frederick County by stating:
           "The History of  Frederick County is not merely a local history. It is a history of men and events of national importance and interest."

The same can certainly be said about Frederick's most famous burying ground. Mount Olivet Cemetery has often been referred to as "Frederick's Other City." This is the eternal resting place of past politicians and preachers, noted business persons, lawyers, educators and inventors. Brave soldiers reside here in peaceful repose, far from their once "perilous fight." Common everyday people—men, women and children were laid to rest in Mount Olivet. They all represent the past "lifeblood" of our community, all connected as those who inhabited this special part of Maryland at one point or another within Frederick's 270+ year history.

For better or worse, these people impacted the Frederick (city and county) we know, love and cherish today. Many made lasting contributions to national and state history. Educators grew future minds to lead, while inventors built conveniences to improve existence and productivity. Others led humble lives as hard-working farmers, homemakers and mechanics. Some died tragically, far too young, before making their mark on the community or world. All the residents within Mount Olivet lived lives, ones that were equally important by impacting others be them students, constituents, customers or more importantly as parents, grandparents, sons, daughters, sisters, or brothers. 

Today, nearly 40,000 graves are occupied, rivaling the living population of our state capital of Annapolis. Eight miles of paved roadway criss-cross the spacious cemetery grounds, allowing for recreational usage by walkers, runners and cyclists acting in a reverent and respectable manner. In addition, the cemetery proudly welcomes history and art lovers, family genealogists, photographers and ​​"tombstone tourists" of all ages.



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