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Monuments and Markers

A guide for how to choose the right monument or marker for your loved one



For any type of memorialization, it is a comfort to know that there is always a permanent place, a commemorative focal point, for family and friends to visit. It is our goal to provide every family a personalized memorial for their loved one—something to serve as a lasting tribute and locator of one's final resting spot. Here at Mount Olivet, we pride ourselves in providing as many of the necessary products as possible to our customers. In recent years we started sales of monument stones. We have the ability in-house to design exactly what you need, providing custom-designed monuments in any shape, size, or form to your preferences and specifications. At the same time, we will guarantee the lowest price in the area.

We are able to do this because  none of our sales team receive commission for sales of any kind. Mount Olivet promises you satisfactory work 100% of the time. Please look at the designs found on our website galleries and/or take a scenic drive or walk through the cemetery to gather ideas. Make an appointment or stop by our office to discuss what we can design and produce for you.


Are there rules and restrictions regarding monument/marker size?

Yes indeed! You will notice an eclectic mix of stones and markers in Mount Olivet, stemming from the fact that the cemetery is well over a century-and-a-half old.  Styles have changed, as have methods of installation. The cemetery has an established system of guidelines regarding all monuments and markers. Here you will find different rules for areas (within the cemetery) dictating specific memorial options, styles and sizes.  In some sections, only flat markers are allowed.

​Certain restrictions govern monuments adjacent drives and avenues. In many sections, monuments and markers are not allowed on single graves, necessitating the purchase of double grave lots which allow only one, shared monument or marker over the two spaces. In most cases, markers will have to measure 24" in length by 12" in width or less, and must be level with the ground surface. This information, based on the location of your desired or previously purchased burial lot, is your most important decision-making "starting point." We are here to help and advise.


What should appear on a monument?

Usually a tall, 2-4 foot upright monument headstone is chosen—this would display the full name of the deceased with birth and death years (or exact month/day/year). In double, or family, lot situations, the surname is carved or etched in a large point size on the front of the monument—affording the opportunity for first names and dates to go underneath. Sometimes, space on the back of the stone is utilized for the family surname or additional information such as a favorite phrase or bible passage.  

​Monuments can also be personalized with other designs and icons meaningful to the deceased such as flowers, rings, hobby indicators, or favorite sports team logos.  There are many stones that have a small cameo picture of the deceased, others have emblems from military branches and service organizations. Full artistic scenes adorn the faces of some monuments, while vital information can be placed on the back, or vice-versa.


In addition to monuments, what other memorialization options can be considered?

While upright headstones are the most common form today, ornate monuments can also be topped with carved statues, and/adorned with bronze plaques.  Other products appearing in Mount Olivet  include memorial benches and family columbariums.  On the flipside, a more modest design would involve flat, smaller stones or bronze plaques, installed flush to the ground.

​A slight variation on this style of stone involves a slightly elevated installation.  Names used for the variety of these type of stones include bevel headstones, pillow tombstones, or Hickey Burial Markers. Again, cemetery staff are happy to assist in recommending appropriate options for you.


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View some of the Marker's and Monuments

Below is a gallery of photos of recent monuments and marker's that have been added to the over 40,000 that are forever resting at Mt Olivet.

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