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Visitor Rules

Please take note of the basic Mount Olivet Cemetery rules of conduct

A speed limit of 20 mph within the grounds must be observed to ensure the safety of visitors and workers.

No vehicle shall park on, or obstruct, any road where another vehicle cannot pass for more than a half an hour.

Do not drive or park on the lots, lawns or walks. 

No one under 12 years of age will be permitted in the cemetery unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please be respectful to all monuments, plaques, trees, flowers and shrubbery.

No climbing or sitting on monuments, crypts and grave sites.

Cyclists, runners, and walkers are expected to be reverent and practice proper decorum while on premises.

No picnicking and consuming of alcoholic beverages will be permitted on cemetery grounds.

Pets must be on leashes, and properly cleaned up after.

Please throw trash in proper waste receptacles.

The above rules are not necessarily complete. We ask that all visitors keep in mind that Mount Olivet is a cemetery, not a public park. For the majority of our guests, a visit here is symbolic of remembering the dearly departed. Please respect others and demonstrate utmost courtesy while on the premises.

What does Mount Olivet Cemetery provide for tourists?

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